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September 18, 2003



In honor of the You STILL draw like a girl show -

From the Sunday (9/21) New Yok Times article:
Straight Eye for the Queer Guy

The subtitle: "Tired of  dressing like a girl?"

The story is about a gay designer (who was not selected for the now famous tv show) He enlists a straight friend to help him look straight (Camp Boot Camp) so he can go to New Jeresy and buy a car.

The fav quote from this story is:
"Not all gay guys live in Chelsea and THROW LIKE A GIRL."

Get out there and act like a girl!

paul andrew wandless

long time, he thought.
wings are stiff
memory of flight is
still strong.
wind is picking up
so the timing is good.
long time, he thought
but not so long
that it seems new.
he was funny that way.
always knew how long was
just long enough.

Matthew Moore

I farm like a girl, and now, thanks to this opportunity, I am able to say I draw like I girl also. Things are coming up Matt! Thanks to all putting on the show. I can't think of a better welcome into the Phoenix Art World than to be with the long list of artists contributing to this event.


Sunday Morning. Early Daybreak. The drawings are finally finished. four of them.

PJ Novelli

WithDrawing - the act of being with that which you draw.

Heidi Hesse

It's a balancing act. Start at the bottom and build up. Tie and knot the threads. Make attachments. Find the exact balancing point and move on to the next higher level. End with the word "life."

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