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September 28, 2003


John Spiak

Sherrie and Heidi,

Saw the coverage last night and just wanted to let you
know what a great job you two did speaking. The show
looked amazing on TV and I love the fact that the anchor
actually commented on how interesting all the work looked.
It sounded like he might actually want to see the show in
person. You never usually hear the anchors comment like
that, which is truly a great sign.

Think I also saw Karolina's work if I am not mistaken.

They have a link one their website:

Congratulations to you all on your hard work and collective
energy. This show is going to move the Arizona art scene
to the next level. Truly Collective Gesture has figured out
what it should be, COMMUNITY!

Look forward to seeing everyone tonight at what should be
the most incredible opening this area has seen in years.

Take care and all the best,



ode to sherrie

Though far away
He could hear things.
He heard laughter
he heard talking
he heard whispers
he heard friends
he heard memories.

Even though he was removed
in body,
in mind
he was there.
good company is hard to find.
so glad good comapany found him.


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