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September 16, 2003


John Spiak

What an amazing list of artists and I can't wait to see this exhibition. Knock'em dead!!!

Deborah Sussman Susser

So all four generations of women in my family have received a photograph of the four of us together and begun drawing. Or at least my mother and grandmother say that they have: I have no way of checking. Anna, my daughter, who is five, took one look at the photo and said, "I can't draw that well." I explained that I didn't want her to draw the photograph exactly, that I wanted her to draw her own version of the photograph. She said okay and set out to draw. A few minutes later, she put her pencil down in frustration. "The nose is crooked!" she said. She'd been drawing my mother, her grandmother. It looked good. "That's okay," I said. "Picasso drew things crooked all the time." She processed that, and then she got excited. "I know!" she said. "I'll do a whole crooked drawing, with everything crooked!" She picked the pencil up and went back to drawing. I want to help her learn how not to give up -- to protect her from the unthinkingly critical "I can't do that" voice that my grandmother passed to my mother, who passed it to me.

Sue Chenoweth

These drawings are coming very easily. Almost too easy. A person I trust told me that we should draw as easily as we talk.

Ask Manny

I am so happy for you guys! Wish we were with you to share the excitement of the opening.

Congrats to you all!

emily and elena

we miss you all like
a couple of girls
hulled up in a cabin
in the woods with no
wine or marshmellows

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