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A drawing exhibition of men and women artists exploring the many different approaches to the act of turning conceptual thoughts into physical work through their own personal interpretation of drawing.

The original exhibition, "You Draw Like a Girl" was in 1998 curated by Sherrie Medina. "You Still Draw Like a Girl" is the second time this exhibition has been organized also curated by Medina.

Opening First Friday Oct. 3 5 to 10 PM
Exhibition runs through November
6th Street Studios
(6th Streeet and Roosevelt)
Phoenix, AZ


In a time of redefining and looking for new ways of understanding and broadening our own self-identities many things in our normal lives are questioned. Originally this drawing exhibition began as a women’s show but I was pleasantly surprised when men asked to be included. Presented with this I reconsidered and decided to include men in this show. This change of direction made me realize that there needs to be a continued reconsideration of the limitations within the obvious, and the not-so-obvious prejudices. As seen in sports there are many other areas in our competitive lives that are progressing towards being equally shared by men and women. Developing respectful exchanges helps to build a better support system for everyone involved. This show presents fervent drawings that share ideas linking these artists together, along with their abilities to draw like a girl.